Preparing the Company Website

I uses Word to design the website, and I used features such as background color, themes, hyperlinks, and bookmarks to make the process easy for me. I hope you like our website, and please contact me if you have any questions about our website or would like to order cupcakes from us.

MariAnn Knowlton

I am a grandmother of ten, a veteran and a student. I quit my blue-collar job after twenty years and went back to school to embark on a new career. Although this isn’t my first time attending post-secondary school, I have never gone far enough to get a degree. My goal is to get an Associate of Arts Degree in the Administrative Professional field and to work in that field until I retire (in about ten years). Many years ago, I wanted to be an architect until I found out about all the math that was involved. Math is not my strong suit! I have often thought that I should have went the Interior Designer route but now that doesn’t seem practical. So, I decided to be practical and go into the Office Administration field. Every business, school, the government etcetera, have offices and jobs should always be available.

I have some unusual hobbies: dollhouse/miniatures, adult coloring, antiquing/collecting and I am obsessed with homes and decorating (i.e. I draw floorplans for fun).

The year 2017 was a year of change for me. I started school in January. Then the 110-year-old section of my grade school was torn down and replaced with a new efficient homely addition. Next my childhood home was sold after being in my family for 58 years. It is still hard knowing that I cannot just walk through that door. Finally, my childhood church building was sold after our congregation had combined with a larger one. The upside of that is that the new owners are turning it into a home instead of tearing it down. I should mention that the church and school are both visible out of my kitchen windows, and only 2 blocks away stands my childhood home. I didn’t always live in this same town, but I have for most of my life. Thomas Wolfe said, “You Can’t Go Home Again”, but I feel like you can, you’re just different.